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Abell 262 Galaxy Cluster in Andromeda

Abell 262 is a galaxy cluster in Andromeda near the border with Triangulum, and is centered on NGC
708, a cluster dominant elliptical galaxy similar to M87.  The cluster is part of the Pisces-Perseus
supercluster, approximately 205-250 million light years distant.  Recent measurements of red shifts
indicate that many of the fainter galaxies in the field of view are in fact more distant objects located in a
distant background supercluster.  The above field of view is centered at RA: 01h 53m 21s  Dec: +36d
10' 4", and covers approximately 15 x 24 arc minutes.

Date: December 13-16, 2006; LRGB data processed March 1, 2010.
Camera: SBIG STL6303E
Filters:  AstroDon LRGB
Camera control software:  CCDSoft
Guiding/adaptive optics: AO-L, MOAG-A off axis guider
Camera temperature:  -20C
Image Acquisition Software:  CCDAP3
Telescope:  RCOS 16 Carbon Tube, Aries optics, F9 with Field Flattener
Telescope control software:  RCOS TCC, TheSky6
Mount:  Paramount ME (MKS 4000)
Total exposure time: 15 hours
Luminance:  52 x 10 minute, binned 1x1
RGB (also used as additional Luminance): 38 x10 minute, binned 2x2
Conditions: Seeing conditions over 4 nights averaged 2.2 arc sec; target elevation from 55 degrees to 89
FWHM of combined Luminance data: 2.6 arc sec.
Processing:  CCDInspector, MaximDL, MiraAP, Photoshop CS2.

Image appeared in November 2010 issue of
Astronomy Magazine.
To see an inverted view of the cluster with 20 of the galaxies identified, move your mouse over the above image.
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