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M27 Ha
18" F3.54
Image taken with an 18" F 3.54 newtonian astrograph.  I am testing this telescope for the
AG Optical Systems, owned by Dave Tandy.  The telescope is set up in my
observatory between my two permanent mounts on a temporary pier.  The telescope and its
associated equipment is still being tweaked, but the results are very promising.  

Image acquisition date: October 15, 2010.
Camera: SBIG STL6303E
Filters:  AstroDon Ha
Camera control software:  CCDSoft
Camera temperature:  -10C
Telescope: AGO 18" F 3.54 Astrograph.
Link to telescope test page.
Telescope control software:  TheSky6, Focusmax
Mount:  Paramount ME
Total exposure time: 40 x 1 minute unguided subexposures.
Image scale 1.15 arc sec per pixel
Processing:  CCDStack2, Photoshop CS5.
Click here or above for M27 LRGB