Above: Total Solar Eclipse series, Lake Manitoba, Winnipeg,
Canada, February 26, 1979.  Quantum 4 prime focus with Minolta
camera body, Kodacolor 400 film, 1/60 sec exposure (for totality).  
Totality lasted 2 min 50 sec.  Next total eclipse visible from North
America will be in 2017.
Below:  Closeup of Totality
Solar System
New Images
Milky Way
Left: Total Solar
Eclipse, Aruba,
February 26, 1998 .  
Quantum 4 prime focus
with Minolta camera
body, Kodacolor 1000
film, 1/500 sec
exposure.  Totality
lasted 3 min 32 sec.  
Camera operated by my
David Bohman.
Below: Total Solar Eclipse, Hawaii, July 11, 1991.  Quantum 4 prime focus
with Nikon FG camera body, Ektar 100 film, 1/60 sec exposure.  Totality
lasted 4 min 08 sec.  We moved constantly from first contact along Highway
19 on the Big Island, finding a hole in the clouds at mile marker 96 three or
four minutes before totality.  For eclipses, "mobility, mobility, mobility" is the
key! Click
here for human pictures.
Total Solar
Eclipse Film