Above: Total Solar Eclipse series, Lake Manitoba, Winnipeg,
Canada, February 26, 1979.  Quantum 4 prime focus with Minolta
camera body, Kodacolor 400 film, 1/60 sec exposure (for totality).  
Totality lasted 2 min 50 sec.  Next total eclipse visible from North
America will be in 2017.
Below:  Closeup of Totality
Solar System
New Images
Milky Way
Left: Total Solar
Eclipse, Aruba,
February 26, 1998 .  
Quantum 4 prime focus
with Minolta camera
body, Kodacolor 1000
film, 1/500 sec
exposure.  Totality
lasted 3 min 32 sec.  
Camera operated by my
friend, David Bohman.
Below: Total Solar Eclipse, Hawaii, July 11, 1991.  Quantum 4 prime focus
with Nikon FG camera body, Ektar 100 film, 1/60 sec exposure.  Totality
lasted 4 min 08 sec.  We moved constantly from first contact along Highway
19 on the Big Island, finding a hole in the clouds at mile marker 96 three or
four minutes before totality.  For eclipses, "mobility, mobility, mobility" is the
Total Solar
Eclipse Film