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First Lightcurve
Above is a test light curve on an eclipsing binary of the Algol type.  Target star UCAC3 243:26932.  The
shape of the curve and magnitude change (750 mmag vs. 15 mmag) is significantly different from the curve
one would expect to see if this were an exoplanet.  Information on target and data acquisition:
RA 04 14 57.76, DEC +31 26 44.2, Vmag 11.3, Period 2.22855d, Duration 3.3h.
Photometry on target and 3 comp stars (one shown at top of plot, indicating transparency improved during
data collection) processed in MIRA Pro 7 UE.  Data consisted of 491 20-second exposures using a CBB
filter, guided with AO-L, with RCOS 24" telescope on equatorial fork mount.  
Friday January 13, 2012,  7:35pm - 11:49pm, UT 1:35-5:49 1-14-2012, altitude at imaging start 76deg, star
transit at UT  2:34 1-14-2012 at  85deg, at imaging end 49deg. Waning 73% phase moon rise at UT 3:58
1-14-2012 (altitude 20degrees at end of imaging).