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NGC 891
NGC 891 data from Nov/Dec 2012 being processed in PixInsight 1.8.  Top image is preliminary
luminance and bottom is preliminary lrgb combination.  Due to the absence of the raw bias and flat
calibration frames, master bias and flat frames created by CCDStack2 in 2012 were used in PI to calibrate
the raw light frames. Current dark frame masters were created in PI, and all other processing was done
solely in PI.

Image acquisition information:
17.5 hours total exposure time.
Luminance: 47 x 10 minute (unbinned) RGB: 19 x 10 minutes R & G, 20 x 10 minutes B, binned 2x2
Dates:  November 16, 18 & 21 (Clear); December 12 & 13 (RGB), 2012
Camera: SBIG STX16803/Apogee AFW50-10S/AstroDon Clear, Red, Green and Blue filters
Telescope and camera control software:  TheSkyX, RCOS TIM, MaximDL and CCDAutopilot5
SBIG ST402 off-axis autoguider with AstroDon MegaMOAG
Camera temperature:  -20C
Telescope:  RCOS 24 on RCOS Equatorial Fork Mount