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TPoint models
for Paramount
Below are scatter diagrams for various TPoint models for a 6 year old Paramount ME carrying an
AP155EDF refractor and a new Paramount ME carrying an RCOS 16" reflector. The first models were
acquired using AAG TPoint Automapper (since I hadn't yet converted completely to the new
TheSkyXPro ("TSX")), using the 'star' point distribution setting that has greater point density at higher
altitudes, and the data was fitted using the "Supermodel" feature of TSX's TPoint add-on. For
comparison, to the right of the first model is a manually fitted version for the RCOS 16 data.  Below
these are the same models further modified by Patrick Wallace, author of TPoint, to determine how
accurately the mounts' pointing could be modelled.  Finally, at the bottom is a model created entirely
within TSX using the TPoint add-on, TSX's image link and camera control add-on, and TSX's
"Supermodel" automated fitting.  Since TSX can generate a points list that has randomly spaced points to
minimize modelling artifacts, I believe this final model more accurately reflects the all-sky pointing for
the RCOS 16" setup than the earlier ones that were heavily weighted toward higher altitudes (although,
since most imaging occurs at higher altitudes, they do reflect performance for the most important part of
the sky).
After considerable experimentation over several years using several different automated mapping and
plate solving programs, I have completely converted to TSX. The TSX TPoint and Camera control
add-ons and image linking capability and automatic modelling make generating dense TPoint models
extremely easy.