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Abell 262 Galaxy Cluster in Andromeda

Abell 262 is a galaxy cluster in Andromeda near the border with Triangulum, and is centered on NGC
708, a cluster dominant elliptical galaxy similar to M87.  The cluster is part of the Pisces-Perseus
supercluster, approximately 205-250 million light years distant.  Recent measurements of red shifts
indicate that many of the fainter galaxies in the field of view are in fact more distant objects located in a
distant background supercluster.  The above field of view is centered at RA: 01h 53m 21s  Dec: +36d
10' 4", and covers approximately 15 x 24 arc minutes.

Date: December 13-16, 2006; LRGB data processed March 1, 2010.
Camera: SBIG STL6303E
Filters:  AstroDon LRGB
Camera control software:  CCDSoft
Guiding/adaptive optics: AO-L, MOAG-A off axis guider
Camera temperature:  -20C
Image Acquisition Software:  CCDAP3
Telescope:  RCOS 16 Carbon Tube, Aries optics, F9 with Field Flattener
Telescope control software:  RCOS TCC, TheSky6
Mount:  Paramount ME (MKS 4000)
Total exposure time: 15 hours
Luminance:  52 x 10 minute, binned 1x1
RGB (also used as additional Luminance): 38 x10 minute, binned 2x2
Conditions: Seeing conditions over 4 nights averaged 2.2 arc sec; target elevation from 55 degrees to 89
FWHM of combined Luminance data: 2.6 arc sec.
Processing:  CCDInspector, MaximDL, MiraAP, Photoshop CS2.

Image appeared in November 2010 issue of
Astronomy Magazine.
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To see an inverted view of the cluster with 20 of the galaxies identified, move your mouse
over the above image.
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